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Layer: Principal Zoning (ID: 6)

Name: Principal Zoning

Display Field: Zoning_Name

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: Official zoning feature class illustrating the different principal zoning classifications across the city. These are the principal (or stated another way, the underlying) zoning classifications - what most people think of when they think of zoning. But the City also has layers for a variety of zoning overlay districts. The zoning applicable to a specific property is the combination of applicable regulation across all zoning layers - both the principal (underlying) zoning and all overlay zoning that apply to the site geographically.More information about the city's zoning code can be found in City Code.The data allows mapping of the following zoning districts:RL One-Family Large LotR1 One-Family ResidentialR2 One-Family ResidentialR3 One-Family ResidentialR4 One-Family ResidentialRT1 Two-Family ResidentialRT2 Townhouse ResidentialRM1 Low-Density Multiple-Family ResidentialRM2 Medium-Density Multiple-Family ResidentialRM3 High-Rise Multiple-Family ResidentialT1 Traditional NeighborhoodT2 Traditional NeighborhoodT3 Traditional NeighborhoodT3M T3 with Master PlanT4Traditional NeighborhoodT4M T4 with Master PlanOS Office ServiceB1 Local BusinessBC Community Business (Converted)B2 Community BusinessB3 General BusinessB4 Central BusinessB5 Central Business ServiceIT Transitional IndustrialITM IT with Master PlanI1 Light IndustrialI2 General IndustrialI3 Restricted IndustrialF1 FordRiver ResidentialF2 Ford Residential Mixed LowF3 Ford Residential Mixed MidF4 Ford Residential Mixed HighF5 Ford Business MixedF6 Ford GatewayVP Vehicular ParkingPD Planned DevelopmentCA Capitol Area JurisdictionAttributes (Fields) Defined:Zoning: The shorthand for the zoning district, generally a combination of two or three letters and numbers.Zoning Name: The name of the zoning district.Zoning Description: A description of the zoning district, written in HTML, intended for use in the popup in ArcGIS Online.Notes: Notes on the zoning designation.Time Period of Content Date:04/21/2018Currentness Reference: Time Period of Content date indicates the date which the user can be confident of accuracy and completeness of the data.Maintenance and Update Frequency: This data is updated as rezonings become effective.Coordinate System:This data is projected in a custom local coordinate system known as "NAD_1983_86_Adj_MN_Ramsey_Feet". As an early adopter of GIS, many local governments in Minnesota developed their own coordinate systems. As a legacy, users of this data need a custom coordinate transformation in order to change the data to a commonly-available coordinate system. Users may download custom coordinate transformations for use in ArcMap. One of the transformations will convert this data to NAD 1983 UTM Zone 15N, the dominant common coordinate system in the Minneapolis Saint Paul metro. Users of other GIS mapping systems may contact us as described below in order to obtain data converted to a commonly-available coordinate system.

Definition Expression: N/A

Copyright Text: For more information on these zoning districts, contact PED Principal City Planner for Zoning Allan Torstenson at 651-266-6579 or For technical background on this GIS data, contact PED Research Analyst Bob Spaulding at 651-266-6635 or

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